Are you looking for a relationship and feel stuck and overwhelmed in the dating process and want to give up OR you’re scared you may be alone for the rest of your life?

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Hi there, it's Jaki!

I’ve helped hundreds of women find their Soulmates once and for all.

My unique blend of self-empowerment and practical instruction is the key that unlocks your power of attraction so that you can get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

My mission is to educate women on how to become their best selves so they can attract their idea man, lay the foundation for love, and cultivate life-long commitment. I empower women to enter and succeed in the dating world, and the lessons I teach spill over into every facet of a woman’s life!

My Bridge to Love Home Study Course will help you fast track your success in love! Get the training, tools, and confidence you need to date and attract the right man who will commit to you without wasting your precious time.

Winner of the 2018 Best Female Relationship Expert award, I've used my unique blend of self-mastery and attraction prowess for over 25 years to help my clients find and keep the man of their dreams and get Engaged at Any Age. 
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Check Out These  Success Stories:
Listen to Vicki share her engagement story for the first time!
"Jaki has projected me forward at a much faster rate than I could have ever done on my own. The work I have been doing with Jaki has gone much deeper and really helped me move forward quickly....... I am Engaged!" 

~ Vicki Zakin
"After being single most of my life I now have my Man!
"After being single most of my life I now have my Man!
 Jaki helped me get there in her program!"

~ Maria Mugica
Hear what John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women
Are From Venus,  had to say about Jaki:
"Jaki you are a perfect embodiment of masculine and feminine energy. What women need today are role models of women being this and doing this at the same time. I just want to acknowledge you and say that you are one of the few women that I have ever met that express that beautiful blend”
~ John Gray
If you don't know who I am and how I can help you,
keep reading … 
I'm Jaki Sabourin, Executive Love Coach and CEO of Engaged at Any Age®
— a company that’s built on the foundation that love is a deliberate choice, and that you can consciously create the relationship of your dreams.

There are tools of attraction and feminine activation behaviors
 that have been proven to work.
It's my mission to transform your love life by giving you the step-by-step system you need to attract the man of your dreams now.

Today, I'm happily married to the man of my dreams (I met online).  We have an amazing life. I’m the owner of a multiple 6-figure business, and a wife and mom with plenty of time for family, self-development, hobbies, and rest. I live in a beautiful home near the ocean in La Jolla, and I travel to Deer Valley, Utah to ski with my husband and friends and I love my life! 

The deliberate steps I took myself through are the science of finding and falling in love, and the basis of My Man Plan Blueprint Formula for Success.

Over the course of my career, I've helped hundreds of women to create their soul-mate maps and FIND lasting love!—because it's my mission and my passion to ensure women have the information and support they need to create the life and love they desire.

If you’re ready for a man, this is how you get him!

2 More Love Success Stories!
COMMITTED IN 8 WEEKS ~ Whisked off to Paris and living her Happlily Ever After!
"Thank you Jaki!! Today I took down my online profile and deactivated my membership after going out with 16 men for the last two and half months. 

Jim is everything I am looking for as a partner in relationship. We are taking things very slow, but my heart tells me there is no need to look further at this point. 

He’s The ONE for me..Jaki you taught me to stay in my feminine energy, I'm so deeply grateful for you and this program. My hearts singing right now!" 

~ Shirle and Jim

Surprised me with a rose and gold diamond engagement ring!
"I became acquainted with Jaki and her work and got very clear about what I wanted ~ I comprised a list and also began the journey of valuing me. Jaki taught me about my worth, that the right man would show up and not make me feel like I had to settle for scraps and to look for a man that would enjoy my company and was dependable. In February I met Steve although I found him attractive, I found myself having a profound respect for him and he became my best friend. Today he surprised me at the park with a beautiful rose gold diamond engagement ring! He is so easy to be with. There is no work, no striving to please him. I am so completely cherished by him just for being me. I'm so grateful and so happily married now!"
~Julie & Steve
Here's What You Will Get with Bridge to Love Home Study Program!

Bridge to Love Live In-depth and interactive with Q & A
A proven 5-step program to help you attract the right man who will commit to you. This program will show you how easy it can be to Bridge the Gap and connect to the Love you deserve without ever settling.

5 Module Audio Coaching calls. These calls are designed to guide you through the 5 modules of the program. Worksheets and tools are provided that help guide you through each call so you get the most out of the program! 

Master Modern Dating - 3 Part Video Series Training
Have more dates than you can handle – and learn how to turn one of them into your true love!  In this age of smartphones, tablets, and the Internet, there are more ways than ever to get to know people. But that doesn’t mean it’s any easier!

Like any skill you’d want to master, you have to show up to it! The information you gain could change your life (and that of a special someone you’ve yet to meet).
Coach Jaki's Customized Love Library
When you're ready for love, you tools that  give you RESULTS!
The Love Library is packed with practical, proven tools and strategies to help you attract your ideal man. These are our most popular resources from our private vault. Once you have access you can download all the material and keep it for life.
BONUS 1 - Exclusive Online Dating Audio Capsule Collection
The most essential strategies and templates you need to magnetize your Man who will commit to you! 

The clock is ticking. If you’re tired of wasting time on dates that go nowhere my exclusive VIP vault of Online dating audio and downloadable cheat sheets will propel you forward!

This is the most comprehensive collection of products I have ever offered, and every single one of them was created to help you FIND YOUR MAN WHO WILL COMMIT TO YOU! 

BONUS 2 - Interview with Jaki's Leading Man Michael
Finally, a quality man’s point of view! Michael will share his take on how YOU can get Get Men to Fall Into Your Lap!

Michael will be pulling back the curtain on what men are really thinking so that you know exactly what to say, (and what not to say) to keep him captivated and committed! We also share our love story of how we met on Match.

With Bridge to Love you’ll discover your unique qualities, values and 
desires that make you, YOU! 
That's your essence and what a man is looking for.
The Bridge to Love Program is for women who aren’t content to just sit on the sidelines and read advice they may not use.  This is for the women who are seriously committed to deliberately creating the life and the love they want and are ready to implement the tools and strategies provided. 

This Bridge to Love Accelerated Program is for women who are ready for fast results.

  Course starts as soon as you purchase!
Once you buy, you’ll get instant access to create your own account to access the resource center where the coaching calls and tools will be available and downloadable 24/7. 5 Audio Coaching Module Calls, Modern Dating Video Training, Jaki’s Love Library, the Entire Online Dating Capsule Collection, What Men Want audio seri4es & the video interview with Jaki's leading man and so much more!

Bridge to Love Proven Program
$7,500 value
Finally, A proven 5-step program to help you attract the right man.

This program will show you how easy it can be to Bridge the Gap and connect to the love you deserve without ever settling. I designed BRIDGE TO LOVE, to walk you through the same steps of self-discovery that I took so that you can finally start loving and living the life that you deserve so you can attract your Soulmate!

Jaki's Love Library
$3,500 value
Included in the Love Library
Man Plan Formula For Success Workbook

Gift of Gab
Discover the gifts that good communication brings.
~ 3- part mini video series plus downloadable worksheet ~

Trigger Happy 
How to deal with your emotional triggers and stop alienating people you love.

How to Be Irresistible 
The exact method I used to attract my man!

Dr. John Gray Interview
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus Author - On love, dating and relationships.

Single to Committed-7 Steps to Attract the Love of Your Life
~ Downloadable E-Book ~

2 Powerful Manifestation Activation Meditations
Open to Love & I Love Myself

Stop Chasing Men and Have Them Chase You ~ Audio
Jaki will teach you the difference between showing interest and chasing a guy! 

Soulmate Sessions Live ~ Audio
Michael will be pulling back the curtain on what men are really thinking so that you know exactly what to say, (and what not to say) to keep him captivated and committed!

12 Interviews with Top Leading Male Experts 
What Men Want ~ Audio Series
Insider Secrets to help you read a man’s mind! 
$2,500 value 
 Gain new insights into dating and relationships from world class male relationship coaches (Each of these coaches would run you at least $400 an hour - IF you could access them) as well as an interview with John Gray, Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.

Total Value = $13,500
Bridge to Love is only $297
Or two easy payments of $178.50 

  Course Starts as soon as you purchase the program and is downloadable 24/7.
Engaged in 5 Months!
"On-going support in Jaki's program made all the difference in the world to me."
~ LeChau Thai
If you know you’re ready to fast-track your journey to attracting the man of your dreams, I would be honored to be your mentor. Join here now.

He is out there. 

Let’s get him!

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